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The purpose of this website is only to provide the latest news related to BSTC. This is only for news & latest update. Predeled.org related important notice below.

  • This website does not ask any candidate their bank account number, Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Counselling ID, ATM Card etc.
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Terms & Conditions
This site is meant for the applicants of Pre D. El. Ed. Examination, 2021. The information filed by an applicant should be correct in all respect to the best of his/her knowledge. The Nodal Agency (i.e. Coordinator, Pre D. El. Ed. Exam., 2020) reserves right to accept/ reject any form/ request. Payments shall be collected as per the norms and provisions prescribed by the Nodal Agency (i.e. Coordinator, Pre D. El. Ed. Exam., 2020). The decisions made by the Coordinator, Pre D. El. Ed. Exams., Bikaner shall be final